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We create original designs for a very diverse client list
At Vidale-Gloesener, the emphasis is first and foremost on original concepts. In a very real sense, our clients buy ideas. Over the years, this approach has won us many local and international design awards, it has also attracted clients from a broad range of industries. Culture, energy, education, healthcare and architecture are well represented. As are transportation, public institutions, agricultural products & services, food & beverage, and restaurants. The list, as they say, goes on... 
We work for small and medium sized enterprises, and of course, for anyone who is interested in simple and effective ideas.
We take the time to attend to your needs
with our vibrant and close-knit team
Founded in friendship


Vidale-Gloesener is the result of true friendship and a shared love of design.

Tom and Silvano met at the Lycée technique des arts et métiers (LTAM) in 1992. Immediately recognising each other as kindred spirits, they decided to take the same path.

After finishing college in Luxembourg in 1996 they both grabbed their favourite books and headed for the Norwich school of art and design (NSAD), in the United Kingdom.


The two students began working together on a series of small projects during their time together at the LTAM. The jobs ranged from a handball club poster to the decoration of a Sales-Lentz Bus, the livery of the LAR helicopter to a full corporate identity for Tom’s brother, Bob Gloesener. Each project served an important role in developing the working methods and general approach to design which now define Vidale-Gloesener.

After graduating in 1999 the duo decided to take the leap and open their own design studio. Since then, Vidale-Gloesener has grown to become a seven-person practice. Both the studio founders have been very committed to the design community, each president of Design associations. Tom at Design Luxembourg and Silvano as founder and first President of Design Friends.

Tom Gloesener (1975 - 2012) 

Tom Gloesener was a very active Designer. As president of Design Luxembourg he did the right lobbying for the recognition of design in Luxembourg. After presiding Design Luxembourg Tom represented Luxembourg at BEDA (the Bureau of European Design Associations). Tom believed in strong ideas and simple solutions.

Tom sadly passed away in 2012 after a strong, brave fight against cancer. He was only 36 years old. At Vidale-Gloesener we miss him very much. His name is an important part of Luxembourg’s design history.

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